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In today’s rapidly changing global market, startups and companies in growth mode benefit from a sounding board to validate their ideas prior to launching in the market. We provide ongoing periodic mentoring during this crucial time. Our goal is to become your “virtual business partner” by providing independent expert advice and information to help business owners succeed in an increasingly competitive international environment.

Benefits of having a mentor:

  • A sounding board for your ideas
  • Provide unbiased advice
  • Leverage the mentor’s business experience
  • Keep you on track for achieving your goals
  • Mentored businesses increased revenue 83% vs non-mentored who increased 16% (1)
  • 70% of mentored businesses survive more than 5 years – double the rate of non-mentored (2)

Our Mentoring Program consists of 2 sessions per month along with email support.

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Mentoring is provided via Zoom

(1) Business Outcomes Survey – MicroMentor, 2014
(2) UPS Study reported in Inc May 2015

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