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Startup Advice

Lean Startup: Using the Lean Startup Method allows startups to go-to-market faster by rapid testing of their ideas and permitting quick product adjustments based on real life market feedback. The traditional business model called for entrepreneurs to create a multiyear business plan and develop their product in “stealth mode” where only the startups members and investors knew about the product. The Lean Startup Method by contrast calls for the entrepreneur to be agile and test their idea by creating a “Minimum Viable Product” MVP as soon as possible and test it in the market with potential customers. Based on feedback, the business model is then adjusted and the process is repeated. This approach saves valuable resources and time.

The Business Model Canvas is a one-page summary covering key elements of the business model. Many of the areas require repeated testing until refined into a comprehensive business model.

We offer a Lean Startup Package to help entrepreneurs get up to speed quickly. Start-ups as well as companies that are ready to scale their business internationally can benefit from this approach.

The Lean Startup Package includes (3) 45-minute sessions covering the critical sections of the plan – Unique Value Proposition, Revenue Streams, Channels and Cost Structure. Between sessions, email support is available.

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Kevin was extremely helpful advising us on marketing and client development. He also coached us on how to pitch our business and with his help, we won 1st place in the Weill Cornell Business plan Challenge which provided us startup funding. He is the best mentor we worked with; he goes directly to the point and provide advice without any reservations. We will not hesitate to recommended his services.
Du Cheng
Founder and CEO, iDu Optics LLC